Multi-service Mobile core

Distributed, 3GPP compliant core for high-performance service handling

A comprehensive mobile core optimised for connectivity and designed to support the most demanding applications.

Mobile core

Our comprehensive mobile core is optimised for remote device connectivity and service performance. We can support the most demanding applications from the industry’s most advanced, virtual core.

Complete lifecycle management

An intuitive, comprehensive portal gives you complete control of all services and SIMs, enabling full lifecycle management. An intuitive, comprehensive portal gives you complete control of all services and SIMs, enabling full lifecycle management. 

You can create and control profiles and policies, providing differentiated services, for each user and SIM.

  • Optimised for device connectivity
  • Ideal for demanding applications
  • Backed for an intuitive management portal
Maritime inbound roaming diagram
  • Instant
    service visibility
    Online management via portal

    The portal provides complete visibility of each SIM, giving status and location. Analytics and KPI reporting provides insights to tune and enhance your business.

    Online self-care and accounting ensures rapid-responses and trackability, with complete cost and account control. Access is protected, with flexible role-based permissions.

  • Integrated
    and future-proof
    Built for 5G

    API integration ensures complete alignment with your business services and processes. Extend workflows to manage devices and SIMs remotely, with triggering and event-driven provisioning.

    Our core is built for 5G, ensuring evolution to new massive IoT and URLLC when connectivity is available.


Lessons From The Suez

15 April 2021
Telecom26 provides maritime connectivity to ports, container ships and other sea-faring vessels across the world and, of course, we were very interested in seeing how events pla...

Congested ports and a shortage of containers affects global shipping market

25 March 2021
Telecom26 provides maritime connectivity to global shipping companies and, consequently, we experienced first-hand how COVID has affected their businesses. DHL’s March 2021 ...

Telecom26 Maritime

Telecom26 is a full-service operator, with coverage to connect you in any maritime environment. As a full member operator of the GSMA, we provide cross-border and international water services for ships, crews, passengers and devices.
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