Fishing Vessels and Fleets

Connect fishing vessels and fleets, with flexible cellular services

Coverage at sea and offshore, for crew and devices – best-connected for optimum service

Cellular, satellite and Wi-Fi for fishing vessels

Private connectivity for fishing vessels and fleets, with on-board coverage and automatic network selection. Deploy local cellular coverage, roam to on-shore networks and default to satellite when beyond cellular reach. Provide location data and enable cellular communications channels.

Enhance crew welfare

Cellular connectivity on-board means crew can use personal devices and stay in touch with friends and family or access favourite services. Automated network selection means consistent, high-quality coverage, enabling effective data transfer for key applications.

Complete solutions for vessels and fleet
Automated network selection
Personal and device communication
Policy management to ensure performance


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10 November 2020
Telecom26 provides complete private networks, IoT maritime connectivity and maritime cellular communications for ports and marinas of all sizes across the world - and the vessel...

Sailing The High Seas: Using technology to avoid real-life and fictional disasters

14 October 2020
Telecom26 provides IoT maritime connectivity services to yachts, fishing boats, cruise ships, tankers and cargo ships of all shapes, sizes and countries of origin. We’ve been d...

Telecom26 Maritime

Telecom26 is a full-service operator, with coverage to connect you in any maritime environment. As a full member operator of the GSMA, we provide cross-border and international water services for ships, crews, passengers and devices.
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