Ferries and Transport

Onboard coverage for passengers, crew and devices

Complete connectivity for personal, application and data communications

Integrated on-board solutions for ferries and transport

Telecom26 offers an integrated communications solution for ferries and marine transport, covering passengers, crew and essential data-driven IoT devices. Roaming on board is offered with on shore connectivity for Telecom26 SIMs. Auto-handover between satellite and land mobile networks can be offered.

Roam onshore

With 200 in / outbound roaming agreements, Telecom26 enables robust connectivity land-based cellular networks. Complete visibility of all traffic is provided, enabling prioritisation and control for key application data, alongside effective personal coverage and service access.

Ultra-reliable guest and private network
Visiting and home network services
Optimised performance and QoE
Income stream and revenue-share models available


Lessons From The Suez

15 April 2021
Telecom26 provides maritime connectivity to ports, container ships and other sea-faring vessels across the world and, of course, we were very interested in seeing how events pla...

Congested ports and a shortage of containers affects global shipping market

25 March 2021
Telecom26 provides maritime connectivity to global shipping companies and, consequently, we experienced first-hand how COVID has affected their businesses. DHL’s March 2021 ...

Telecom26 Maritime

Telecom26 is a full-service operator, with coverage to connect you in any maritime environment. As a full member operator of the GSMA, we provide cross-border and international water services for ships, crews, passengers and devices.
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